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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  December 29, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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blog postings that go back nearly five years ago, where the terror suspect is supposedly talking about jihad. this is a look at how investigators say the terror suspect hid the chemical explosives in his underwear. the officials say the 23-year- old suspect was carrying 80 grams of petn, enough to potentially blow a hole in the side of the detroit-bound aircraft christmas day. as president obama call forward a review on security, congress called for more answers. >> we need to get to the bottom of this. how does a man, not an american citizens or entitled to come here, how does this his visa in tact? >> reporter: he is being held at a michigan prison, charged in federal court trying to detonate the device. representative peter king, the leading republican said the nigerian suspect doesn't deserve the legal rights offered in a civilian court and should be tried by a military
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tribunal and king criticized the white house for filing to keep them in the loop. >> since friday, an iron curtain came down. it has to go through the white house and they are reluctant to go of out information. >> reporter: federal investigators say the suspes claim ties to al qaeda and a group in yemen said it's part of the failed attack. >> the problem is now they have discovered something called the human missiles, this guy was a human missile. >> reporter: two top positions at the t is a and border protection agency remain unfilled. the two key agencies charged. >> this means we have holes, the tries, thradical will use whatever we have in our system. >> reporter: in one blog posting, the terror suspect who believed to be written by the terror suspect, wrote about his fantasies for. >> odd and i response that to,
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that someone wrote back is this a dream or a dream or plans, farouk 1986 as he was known, never answered. laura? >> thank you. president obama today slamming the security system in place already, calling this incident a catastrophic failure issuing this statement today from hawaii. when our government has information on a known extremist and that information is not shared and acted upon as it should have been so that this extremist boards a plane with dangerous explosives that could have cost nearly 300 livings, a systemic failure has occurred. and i consider that totally unacceptable. dangerous winds in the d.c. area this tree crashing right under the deck of a home in montgomery county caused by the strong gusts, thankfully it didn't go into the house itself. fox 5s john henrehan is live on the national mall. a little chilly out there. thank goodness you have the
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warm hood up. >> reporter: yeah, and believe me, i needed it today with no hair. i need the hood. the winds are not as strong as they were earlier but they still strong enough to snap the flags smartly here at the washington monument. it's the week between christmas and new year's, many kids were out of school and thousands of families simply bundled up for the cold and windy day and stuck with the itinerary of touring washington. some members of the homeless community coped with the cold by staking out positions on steam vents. 81 tree fell smashing up windows. there were no injuries. some work like maintenance of natural gaslines have to go on in the cold and in the wind.
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>> we asked heavy equipment operator isaiah johnson if there is a way to dress for the bitter weather. >> you have to put on a whole lot of layers of clothes. thermals, all sorts. >> do you get warm? >> no. i'm freezing now. >> professional dog walker said that the pooches need their outdoor time. >> times they don't like the rain. they're good with the snow and time -- sometimes the wind scare them. good for them. >> this dog walker had dressed her charge in a sweater. i think it was a chihuahua- terrier mix and the dog's name is sarita, she seemed to be getting long fine. thanks, john. at least two children have been hurt because of this wind.
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they were at a match camp when a tree fell on them at a carol county park. the nineteen -- 9- and 10-year- olds were injured and taken to the hospital. we have to pay serious attention. let's go to sue palka in the fox 5 weather center, sue. >> reporter: outrageous, between 45 and 50 and most of that overnight. they getting better now. it's blustery out there. check out the latest wind gusts, including 25 miles per hour in the northwest, a cold direction this time of the year in d.c., baltimore, 20 and they're much lighter to our west, which leads us to our next problem, which will be tanking temperatures. dulles is down to 29; frederick, 28; winchester, 26. we're headed to the teens in the suburbs and about 23 degrees downtown and if we hit that 23 downtown, that will be the cold of the night we have had in the district this winter so far.
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baltimore, 23; culpeper, 17; front royal, 17. nothing is falling from clouds tonight. clear skies, winds will get bitter through the night and we have to talk about precipitation for new year's eve and day. i'll have that forecast in just moments. >> see you in a bit, sue. while sue keeps tabs on the wind, d't forget to get updated conditions any time for the latest weather watches and warnings and updated forecast. go to a 57-year-old man found dead in the middle of the street in arlington. investigators have new identified him as carl diner. they got a call before 3:00 this morning about an injured man laying in the middle of the 3200 block of north 13th street. all they say is that he had trauma to his upper bodies. a third person sentenced in the murder of a woman burned to death. she will spend five years in prison. she helped her husband and cousin after they beat 83-year- old lila mizzell and set her on fire.
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her sentence is part a plea- bargain. the other two were sentenced to life without parole. how many times cow think you can get a message? you will not -- and he's still driving. how do you t a car for half off. and a critical warning for product that millions of us use. what you need to know coming up. seasonal flu vaccination?
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>> how does a guy with 17 dui convictions have a valid driver's license? it's causing an uproar in minnesota new that paul garay has been arrested for the 18th time, charged with drink driving. this time he was picked off. the driver's license is valid. next time you think you found a prime parking spot, make sure it's not reserved for
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the d.c. zoning commission gave the go ahead to allow zip car to rent private spots in residential neighborhoods. that includes lots and allies. the home owners, however, won't be allowed to rent out the own driveways. final approval is expected in february. who needs a zip car when you can buy a car for yourself for half price. that is a deal if you buy a pontiac or saturn. the discontinued makes are on the clearance racks as we speak. general motored notified dealers they will pay them $7,000 for every car they convert to rental or service floats and the dealer can sell them for 46% below sticker. one catch? they will be classified as used. used or new. you will be able to finally drive down 14578 plain straight in the district. -- sham plain stream. distribute leaders including the mayor announce the reopening on a chilly cold morning. this morning, the end of a major
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road construction so the neighbors can go from north to south. not just in vehicles but on --as pedestrians itself. >> sham plain street used to be a dark, dead end with poor lighting attracting unwanted activities. the road is let up. bad news for maryland home owners. they're being hit with the biggest decline in home values of the history of assessments. the state sent out the assessments today. the average drop, 20%. and get this, the drop usually won't mean lower taxingses. many residents pay on a portion, thanks to the state's homestead tax credit. do you ever buy groceries or boss in d.c.? if you have answered yes to
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that, listen to this one. >> litter, especially in plastic bags is everywhere. look in the trees. i'm beth parker. i will tell you what is happening january 1st that could change this and impact every d.c. consumer. you remember this guy? the one with the best job in the world. the caretaker for a gorgeous island for sick months. he was stung by a potentially dangers on you -- dangerous jelly fish. he felt the attack on his arm and wound up with a raging headache, back pain, chest pain and fever because of a -- the size much a feng or nail. he's since recovered, probably worth it.
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>> did you see it? a bizarre twist involving a car
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on ice. take a look at the -- as the car goes sliding down the hill in the western uk town. not only does the car start spinning, the occupants open the doors and wood up outside the car and slide down the hill themselves, barely escaping being run over by their own car. this ice storm hit the town on the 23rd of december and shut down just about every service from trash to mail and everything in between. causing many, many problems on the roads there, too. and i'll take our 20 inches of snow any any day. >> seriously. >> this wind is brutal. >> it is. >> and hard to breathe. >> it's cold and making it so bad. this is one of the nights where you don't want to have your pets outside. we say that often because people tell us, the humane society and the peta folks say if we don't say it, the people leave their pets outside. >> a reminder. >> don't do that. tonight it could be a cold one and could be the cole coldest
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of the winter. guess what, i think we're going to do it. clear skies and the winds are better than they were and it's not a bar again by any stretch of the imagination and picking up winds gusting to 25 miles an hour. to the weather maps and you can see the wind gusts, including the 25 we're picking up in the district down from 46 early this morning? baltimore, 20; 24 patuxent naval air station. not picking up readings, indicating they're getting better. when we get closer to midnight, we'll be down to 10 miles per hour or so. the lighter the winds, they can keep the atmosphere mixed up and warmer. 25 in gaithersburg; monasses, 28; martinsburg, 25 and hagerstown down to 25 as is cumberland and we have descent snow. frost bug, a couple of inches. reports of 13 inches of snow and all of that is lake-effect
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snow. the windchill is the big story locally, baltimore feels like 16; dulles, 18; martinsburg, 14; monasses, 17 degrees and the wind chills won't be as bad as last night and the air temperature will be colder. winds will go lighter and out of the south tomorrow. leaving tomorrow is unsettled, partly cloudy, a quiet day around here. the high pressure builds in on top of us. at 8 in the morning, though, 25 degrees by noon and we're talking may be a 10 degrees jump from there. 34, 35 degrees should do it. the high temperature tomorrow, 37 and by 5:00, we're heading to 35 degrees and the clouds gently increasing tomorrow night. the lake-effect snow machine is topping off. the this is what we need to watch for new year's eve and day. good news for us. it doesn't look like this is going to come together in time to be a big storm for us.
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it will be huge for new england and develop very late. we're going to get mix and some rain out of it and we'll book new year's day and eve thursday. 7:00 a.m. on new year's eve. you can see we have rain and mix that we're going to watch. may be a few dry hours through the day. what about the new year? mostly dry and after that, a good slug of rain omes in and that could change over to snow as well and it will be mostly rain, we think. surprisingly, it will bring the warm air. re-enforcing cold air for us, the high pressure is building in and the winds with that re- enforcing cold air will get better through the night and tomorrow, again, just that quiet day as we keep an eye on what is our next storm system heading up from the south and this is your five-day forecast. tomorrow, 37; thursday, 39 degrees and the good news is anything we get in the morning which, could be a little bit of freezing rain if it's going early enough, laura, the
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temperatures should climb to 39. >> okay. >> we'll keep an eye if you're out real late. you may run into a bit of precipitation and snow or rain showers for new year's eve day. colder and windier again. the wind is back with us on saturday. >> no horribly icy roads? >> i don't think so. >> okay. >> doesn't look like it's coming together for us. stay tuned. >> all right, we will always. thank you, sue. frederick county could be the first in maryland to allow to you bring your ownottle of wine to dinner. a bill drafted by a group of wine afficionados would allow restaurants to charge a corkage fee. you -- one republican delegate may introduce that bill the next legislative session. right now, we want to talk to beth parker with information about a bag tax that will be implemented in d.c. do we have that story? all right. >> reporter: plenty of plastic bagsstart here and end up here. lay in the waterways and hang from tree brches.
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>> 20,000 tons. the trash. >> reporter: and that is trash into the anacostia river in just one year. >> we're in the national -- stand negligent national park. you wonder if we let the grand canyon or yosemite become clogged with trash like this. >> this is the executive director of a non-profit called anacostia river keeper. they will benefit from a new d.c. bag fee. starting january 1st, each plastic or paperbag will cost you a nickle. where does the mony go? 1 cent goes to the retailer. the other 4 cents to cleaning up the anacostia. >> i don't think that will make much of a difference. didn't get a chance to vote for it. >> i'm all for helping out the environment. >> i can understand in a way because of the amount of bags in the river. can i understand that, but 5 cents a bag, that is going to add up, especially with
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families. >> there are exceptions for small pharmacy bags and restaurant takeouts. >> when seatbelts became lawality first, people thought it was an annoyance or iwas kimbersome to wear the seatbelt. now, we don't think about it. i think it's second nature for people. i'm going to the grocery store and i will take my bag. >> i have bags in my car. that is going to be a problem. we have to remember to bring the bags out of the car or from home. >> reporter: scotty thinks he'll see the results in your own backyard n. washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> reusable bags are the best. johnson and johnson is pulling back the tylenol arthritis caplets. some people have reported smelling something mold when he they opened the bolts. the odor apparently comes to a chemical that leeches from
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packaging materials. the bottles in question contain 100 capp caplets and have 100 easy caps. did you know there is a bowl game in d.c. tonight? going now at rfk and pitting the temple owls against the ucla bruins. feldy is up next with sports. stay with us, don't go away. and just how much has tiger woods cost the companies he endorses? in the aftermath of his accident alleged affairs, comes to $12 billion. two professors at uc davis looked at stocks for the companies, nike, gatorade and ea sports lost the most. at&t and gillette lost value after the scandal. excepture who cut ties with woods right away lost nothing. we'll be back with feldy.
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>> good evening, interesting matchup at today's eagle bank bowl at rfk stadium, ucla
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making the beautiful bowl appearance in 1942. the temp will owls making the first bowl appearance in 30 years. coming to d.c. all right, let's take care of temple and went the other way. the owls took it to the west coast. the first drive of the game, 26 yards for the score. right now, temple is up 21-10. speak of boeing, we find out if london fletcher will be going full bowling. the 12-year vet has been an 8- time alternate and leaves with 144 tackles, two sacks and one intersession and after, that i asked him about his chances of finally making it. the nfc climate this year and so a lot of good competition and could take two sons. there is another deserving as well and, you know, i hope to
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make it and be a nice consolation prize to a very long, frustrating season. >> it would be that. we know this. jason campbell is taking a beating this season, sacked 41 times, harassed and hurried countless others. having a different offensive line every sunday doesn't vantage point hundred dollars and neither does complaining. after the game, campbell said i have been hit search, it's not fair to which jim zorn, a former quarterback, offered this. >> hey, it's a tough game. played by tough men and nobody dealt, nobody in the until, no player, especially when you play is guaranteed the comfort and push of anything. its a hard game. >> i want the comfort and the push. high drama last night in chicago between the bears and fourth and goal, 22 secs to play. the vikes down 7, far to sidney wright, going into overtime, tied at 30. jay cutler and the bears with
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the last laugh. cutler, the perfect throw and that is your game winner. the bears stunning farve and the vikings 36-30, men men's dropped 3 of the last four after 10 and one start. and washington capitals have the goal tender and to the hershey bears of the american hockey league. i'm dave feldman, laura, back to you. >> all right, and now you have the news edge. of course, the news is always keep it here. tmz on the is coming up next. see you later here tonight at 10.
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